Benefits of Volunteering

Are you ready and willing to enable those in – need earn income generating skills that will change their destiny for the better?

How about inspiring others to think success?

Have you thought about the rewarding benefits associated with motivating your participants, your learning team, young mothers in need, children heading families to think positively about their lives and formulate a success plan to achieve their educational and career goals?

How about empowering the vulnerable teens in Kampala slums to gain practical life skills that can be put into practice immediately.Think about the satisfaction you will derive upon helping teen mothers avoid or delay second pregnancies during their teen years? How about helping teen parents to raise healthier children in safe environment?

Help make a difference by coming to Uganda and lending a hand. When you volunteer with us, you will have an amazing opportunity to reach out to hundreds of helpless young mothers, teens and adults that have spend several years of frustration looking for employment in order to earn a living.

At the same time, you will have an opportunity to share love, laughter, creativity and talent with others in great need and such one volunteering experience will leave you with lasting opportunities you will never forget. The benefits for volunteering with us are beyond the money value, they are really memorable and real. Come, be part of the volunteers.

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