Teens Profiles

Hellen Twikirize 14 years in S.2 [2012] From Grace Fellowship.I have only my mum, Mrs Komuhendo Resty. My Dad passed away and now I am staying with my Auntie in a one-roomed house in Kivulu Slum. My father left 7 children and Iam the last born. My Auntie wanted to force me into married due to lack of School fees.I wrote a complaint letter to HALEA using the suggestion boxes and HALEA come to my rescue. They talked with my aunt and reminded her of the existing laws that prohibit marrying off young girls. They requested the Head teacher Mr. Fred Kagaba to allow me sit for end of year exams. I am happy that I am back to school because all my other siblings are in the village and are out of school.I hope HALEA will help me become a professional actor and musician, I am part of the HALEA chool drama club.I am also attending computer lessons at HALEA.
Kabahwezi Margaret 18 Years S.5 [2012] Thanks to HALEA ‘s intervention, I was able to sit for my Uganda Certificate of Education(U.C.E) at Bright Way Hill School.I would have dropped out but the letter I wrote to HALEA through the suggestion box helped me.I contacted HALEA when my step mother had brought a man to marry her. I was just a few months to her National Exams.HALEA contacted my father in Fortportal , but he had already accepted the proposal to get me a man but changed her mind when HALEA threatened to contact police. HALEA agreed with my father to allow me go back to school and complete her studies.He agreed to pay my fees and decided to rent me a single room where I stay with my young sister.Thanks to HALEA, our stepmother can no longer stand in our way to success, I was able to avoid dropping out because of HALEA’s intervention and even when my father complains of lacking money to enable me continue, HALEA is promising to make contacts that will enable me complete my education and become a medical doctor.
Namyalo Viola 15 Years S.4[2012] I have just joined S4 and will be sitting my UCE at Grace Fellowship. I am a former street girl with no parents, actually I was picked from the streets and was raised in an orphanage in Nakulabye.The Head of Grace of fellowship Girls Orphanage. Pastor Nelson Kasyoka.He recently informed us that we need to start fending for ourselves; he can no manage to raise all necessities for over 30 girls in the orphanage. Girls must now find ways of getting even essential items such asSanitary towels and having been tempted resort into prostitution.I wrote a letter, put it into the HALEA suggestion boxes at our school and contacted HALEA for help which HALEA is currently giving.HALEA has managed to raise some little money for my essentials every month and they are training me to learn computer skills. I now have a hope that my life can change for the better. I want to be a musician and movie actor and indeed I have the talent given the way I have been performing in HALEA drama club. Thanks to HALEA, I am determined to complete my studies.
Nampijja Justine 15 Years[2012] From Grace Fellowship.I stay in Nakulabye Orphanage and I am formally a street child with no parents to talk about.I stay in a pastor’s orphanage but I being forced to fend her self.I Contacted HALEA for help. And they counseled me and offered to help me with a few essentials whenever they can and are currently giving me computer trainings skills.I have enjoyed being trained by HALEA’s British Volunteer, Mr. Bob Churchill and I am sure I will be a journalist. I still request for help to achieve my dreams
Namukose Faridah 14 Years[2012] From Grace Fellowship.I only have my mum by my side. My father is a radical muslim who has many kids and four wives, he abandoned us and refused even to pay for my fees, We are seven children, we stayed in aKasubi in a two-roomed house.My father Bizkira Siraje a wanted to marry her off. I appealed to HALEA through the suggestion box they put at our school and, HALEA intervened. They visited our home and talked to my mother, they later called my father and requested him to not marry me off because I am still very young and must complete school, my father abandoned the idea of marriage and allowed me back to school.The challenge remains raising fees but HALEA is promising to help through their contacts abroad. I enjoy being part of the drama club, I want to be a musician.
Dushime Gemine 18 Years S.6[2012] Bright Way Hill School.I stay with m mum, a single mother of two daughters. Our father abandoned the family when I was 6 years and my mother Ms Katushabe Joyce remains unemployed.She struggles to look for fees but of recent she is failing.I am bright in class and very active with several projects including HALEA writing , debating and drama club At the beginning of 2011,I got a man to sponsor my education, I thought he was a good Samaritan but resorted to asking for sex in return.I contacted c HALEA and they pleaded with school to allow me to continue with my studies without paying all fees. I told the man to leave me a lone. I want to be a lawyer to defend the helpless. I have written an article in HALEA’s magazine and I have hope that my dream will be achieved.I enjoy singing and acting too, thanks to HALEA and their sponsors. I have also interacted with Mr. Gunnar of HAMU and has always encouraged us to remain focused. I hope to attain my dream one day regardless of the lack of fees.
Akello Grace Ssanyu 15 Years S.2 [2012] From Grace FellowshipI am a total orphan picked fro mthe street.I come from northern Uganda and I now stay in a Pastor Nelson Kasyoke orphanage with my young sister.We lack all the basic necessities these days and I wanted to abandon studies and go back to the streets but when HALEA come to train us on critical thinking and problem solving at our school.I contacted them and agreed to help, they are now training me computer skills during this holiday and her giving me hope,I wants to be an accountant but I am part of HALEA’s drama club and enjoy music too, hope to achieve my dreams one day with some assistance.
Irenge Julia 12 Years S2 [2012] From Bright Way Hill School.Iam from is DRC Congo. But I have never seen my father. We stay in a single room with the other three siblings. I was failing to sit for my end of year exams. I contacted HALEA and they contacted my school which allowed me to sit for exams.Right now I am undergoing a computer training at HALEA offices, we recently learnt how to use emails and I am proud of my email, I can ably talk to people allover the world, I still have hope that I will attain my dream of being a lawyer but I enjoy being a musician too having discovered my talent through HALEA drama club.Thanks to all HALEA sponsors, HALEA is giving me hope to complete my studies.
Akareutu Maurine (14 years) S.1 Grace Fellowship S.S [2012]


Hails from Katakwi district North Eastern Uganda and stays at Grace Fellowship Girls home.
Nakalyango Sarah (14 years) S.1 Grace Fellowship S.S [2012] From Kiboga district Central Uganda is an orphan and has been in an
orphanage since 2006.
 Kafuko Olivia (14 years) S.1 Grace Fellowship S.S [2012]


 Comes from Jinja district Eastern Uganda is an orphan and has been in the orphanage since 2006.

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