Teens Story

 I completed S.6 in 2010, I lost my father when I was about 7 years and my mother got married to another man, with whom they have two children. Sometime back in 2004 my step father attempted to rape me when my mother was a way, I refused his advances and I decided to seek assistance from a nearby born again church (The Synagogue Church of all Nations) led by prophet Kakande, when I reported the case to them,the leadership of the church decided to help me by providing me with
accommodation and fees therefore I didn’t go back home because I feared to be sexually abused by my step father.But my mother would visit me at the church hostel or I would once in a while go back home especially whenever I knew that my step father is not around.I had all the support from the church until when one senior pastor and official interpreter of prophet Kakande picked interest in me an begun persuading me to be his lover, promising to give me whatever I needed and helping me to pursue further education up to the university. I accepted and showered with lots of good things like clothes, shoes and money. He took me out of the church hostel and rented for me a room in pearl view hostel. Consequently he became my secret lover, especially because he made it clear that I had to have sex with him in order to get his support. He was the first man I had sex with.Last year 2011 he promised to pay my fees at the university and buy me a house. Meanwhile he had met my mother (he is age mate with my mother) and told her how he was interested in helping me to complete my education as a good Samaritan, and my mother accepted his good will.(meanwhile for the last three years, this man would pick me late in the evening) or would send his assistant or driver and then take me to loges where he could have sex with me after giving me drugs. Such drugs always made me sick but he would tell me that the drugs would help me to avoid pregnancy. He told me that he never wanted me to get pregnant because this would bring a bad image to his name. Because of the fear I didn’t reveal this to my mother.

Even when I never loved him, I continued to have sex with him in order to get money for upkeep, pay for my rent and continue with my education.  However, in July 2011,a friend of mine at the church (a girl of my age) cautioned me about this pastor I was moving out with, she told me that I was not safe being in a relationship with a married man who also had a string of many other mistresses, she showed me one young woman who was pregnant with that pastor’s child, to prove whether what she was telling me was the truth, I decided to go and ask that young woman, because after all she had been for some time attacking me.Indeed she told me that the pastor was responsible for her pregnancy and I should get a way from. In that state of confusion, I called the assistant pastor and we quarreled. Out of guilt, he promised never to take care of me again and he promised to cause trouble if I reported the affair anywhere.

Indeed he stopped giving me money for upkeep as well as paying the hostel rent. When I approached my mother, she couldn’t help me much and I had no where to go, puzzled, I had to look for a way out.There was this young man of bout 26 years, who wanted me to be his lover. Out of desperation, I called him and offered a place to stay with him.

However I remembered the works of HALEA and I decided to contact them for help, their staff counseled me and offered support,they put me on a free computer training, so that I could earn my own money. They advised me to stay and avoid unwanted pregnancy. To other side they offered individual help so that I would get sponsorship to afford paying for a hostel and go to university and attain my dream of becoming a social worker.
I have learnt some computer skills and I believe that in a few months time, I would be able to compete for a secretarial job.Better still, If I got a sponsor to give me a computer and printer, I would set up a secretarial bereau and earn a living. I thank HALEA staff for offering me with help and encouraging me to
focus on the future.

However I still need more support to be able to live an independent life.I well come any  support that will enable me join University and study  Social Work.

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