Teen Testimonies


Namukose Faridah (17 years) currently a high school student at Brightway Hill Bukesa and Kamakune Elizabeth (19 years) currently a college student at YMCA Institute have been part of HALEA since 2012 when they were students of Grace Fellowship High School one of the schools we have been working with since our (HALEA) inception.

Figure 1: Namukose Faridah at HALEA Offices recently

Figure 1: Namukose Faridah at HALEA Offices recently


Figure 2: Kamakune Elizabeth at HALEA Offices recently

Figure 3: Faridah (with scurf), Elizabeth (behind far left) with fellow students at Grace Fellowship High School

Figure 3: Faridah (with scurf), Elizabeth (behind far left) with fellow students at Grace Fellowship High School

As shown by the figures above, Figure 3 (photo) was taken in 2012 at Grace Fellowship High School and by that time, Faridah was wearing a scurf wherever she could go whether at school, home or any other place. Faridah was a real Muslim by that time that she could do everything that is required of a true Ugandan Muslim.

Faridah and Elizabeth have been participants in the school debates we organize, writers in the Open Talk Magazine (OTM), part of HALEA’s entertainment club (Onelife Entertainment), members of the Teens Assistance Scheme whom we assisted with medication, transport, lunch, scholastic material and school fees with funding from HAMU-Norway and Faridah was one of the teens who benefited from Mr. Bob Churchill’s Computer Skills Training in 2011 when he was having his internship at HALEA.

Of recent, we conducted interviews together with Ms. Lily Rice of Cambridge University – UK to determine “the impact of HALEA’s empowerment activities to the teens and their views on humanism”. Among the interviewees were Kamakune Elizabeth, Faridah Namukose and Kakyo Grace a young mother.

Figure 4: Lily interviewing Elizabeth

Figure 4: Lily interviewing Elizabeth

Figure 5: Lily and Faridah relaxing after the Interview

Figure 5: Lily and Faridah relaxing after the Interview

In the interview, both teens confessed being humanists with Faridah saying that she turned humanist in 2013 and Elizabeth in 2014. Though both had never told anyone officially about it, Faridah has been criticizing her fellows at her current school for believing in a “God” they do not see and more so who doesn’t exist anywhere except in their minds.

When Faridah was asked why she had given up to wearing the scurf, she said that it was not adding anything value on to her life and used to do it out of ignorance because she was young and in fear of her parents.

They both acknowledged first knowing and hearing about HUMANISM from HALEA through the discussions, talks, debates and conversations they had with HALEA staff and teens from other schools.

To us as an organization, it’s a great achievement having humanists out of that religious based school (Grace Fellowship High School) with a Pastor as the Director (owner). Thanks to HAMU for funding the Teens Empowerment Project since 2009 that has enabled us realize such an achievement and we look forward to interviewing the other teens too to get their opinions.


Nambalirwa Agnes

Kampala Students Centre


How is life over there, I am a young mother aged 23 and am in senior four I was informed by our school administration that there is a chance of helping young mothers. Even though I have never seen you, let me assume that one day one time we shall meet. I would like to share with you what happened to me.

I grew up with my grandmother who looked after me after the death of my mother and father in an accident. I completed my primary level in 2009. After completing it, my grandmother died and I had to become a street girl. I was raped by the drug users who used to sleep by the road sides. I became pregnant and conceived my baby girl Chelsea. I worked as a house maid for one year.

One day, Mr. Kato Mukasa found me and took me back to school which was a community school. The school is Kampala Students Centre. I want to become a doctor in future but I have no money which can lead me there. I do thank you for the help and effort you are giving me and I would request you that if there are more chances of helping me, I  will continue with my studies without disappointing you. I thank you.


Busiro Lillian

Kampala Students Centre


How are you doing over there and how is life? Let me hope that you are fine. I am a young mother aged 23 in form four at Kampala Students Centre. I was informed by the administration that there is a chance of helping young mothers in our school. I would like to share with you what happened to me;

I grew up with my grandmother who looked after me until when I completed my primary level. I completed my primary level in 2005. My grandmother told me that there was no money to continue my education. I went and started working as a house maid and I became pregnant and conceived my baby boy John, Mr. Kato Mukasa and Mr. Lyagoba Andrew found me and took me back to school and it was a community school which is Kampala Students Centre.   I would like you to help and sponsor me until I complete my education.


Nakalembe Betty

Kampala Students Centre


How are you doing over there and how is life? Iam Nakalembe Betty 22 years of age and am in form six, am too anxious to write about my life and experience as a young mother. I was informed about the proposal that there is a chance of supporting my education as a young mother so that I live a better life like others. When I finished primary school I joined secondary school in a certain school but when I was in senior three I got pregnant but when it was about 4 months the man got lost and I gave birth to a baby girl who is called Nagawa Irene. But I would request you to help me with this term’s fees because Kampala students’ centre as a community school has been supporting me but we are many who would like to benefit in this project and that if you help me I would be able to complete my studies and after secondary school would like to join a tertiary institution do a course of fashion design and hair dressing.

Sir, I would like to know if that chance of supporting me will continue even the remaining terms that is to say second and third term because this term has been cleared by you and am so thankful to you let the almighty God bless you



P.O. BOX 1160,



How are you over there? I am Aisu Doreen, a young mother at Kampala Students Center School, am aged 23 years. I was informed by the Head master, Mr. Lyagoba Andrew and Mr. Kato Mukasa about your proposal of helping me as a young mother after having passed through a lot of challenges when I got pregnant.

I got pregnant in 2014 by a certain man who did not have any future and on top of that my parents chased me away from home when  I was going to sit for my senior four examinations.

I really thank Mr. Lyagoba Andrew and Mr. Kato Mukasa who gave me an offer of coming to school until when I managed to give birth to my child. I gave birth to a baby girl by the names of Usina whom I would like you to meet at any time you will come because I am still a student at Kampala Students Center.

Our dear supporters, it was your support that I managed to complete my senior four examination ad give birth to my beloved daughter Usina.

It should be noted that Iam not the only young mother in my school but I think it was a chance from you humanists that I am back to school. I would like to know if there is any other chance of helping me to continue with my studies in order to get a better future for my child because I passed o’level well and now am going in senior five.

May the almighty God bless you with his holy spirit for having sponsored me as a young mother?

Yours faithfully,

Aisu Doreen

Kampalastudent’s center,

P.o.box 1160,

Kampala Uganda




I hope you are doing great. I am Nakyanzi Irene I am 20 years old and I am in senior six. I am glad I have been given a chance to write although I would like to meet you some day.

I was informed by our Head master, Mr. Kato Mukasa and Mr. Lyagoba Andrew about the support given to us by you and I am really grateful for all you have done for us to enable us stay in school.

I am a young mother trying to make ends meet with my two year old daughter .My parents did not have too much money to send me to school but Kampala Students Center has enabled my dream of education come true. Being  with so much support  from this project   am among the few  who have and are going to Benefit from  this project and  I am so thankful for all you have done for us and I  am asking you to kindly  continue supporting me until I finish school. I would love to acquire other skills in architectural drawing, and this can only be made possible by o your support.

I am grateful for the support you have given us and I am looking forward to meeting you some day. Thank You.


Nakyanzi Irene



Kawuma Hamuzah


EDIT 6Biira Sharon


Nakawuki Shakirah


Nalubowa Teo




Kasasa Simon Peter


Mutumba Solomon


Asaba Victoria

Asaba Victoria

Dushime Gemin


My name is Kasujja Joseph, my stage name is ‘Snail’ because I believe in moving life a snail, taking step by step until I reach to the very top but leaving a mark or lasting achievement on every thing I do. Thanks to HALEA Youth Support Centre, I had lost hope before I joined it. I had dropped out of school in primary and even when I have a talent to compose and sing, no one was ready to help me. I had resorted to bad groups that abused drugs because I felt hope less and idle. I had no big dream to live for. When I was informed about HALEA’s services to the youth, I approached them and I requested for an opportunity to join HALEA entertainment club. They took me in, offered counseling and encouraged me to dream in a possibility of becoming a start. I participated in the talent search at Obbligato in August 2012 and performed well. HALEA gave me the opportunity to get training in piano and guitar as well as record my 3 songs. They are now sponsoring the recording of my other four songs and have continued to extent the training opportunity in music instrument. I have hopes that this is the best opportunity I have to live my dream. Soon I will have my recorded songs aired on radios, I have hope for a better future than ever before. Thanks to you, HALEA.



I am a member of HALEA and I got to know about it from Kampala Students Centre.

HALEA has been a good Organization which has transformed my life. I had lost hope that I could not do anything since I had no voice to sing but when I joined HALEA, I learnt how to play musical instruments like the piano, guitar and the jazz. This helped me a lot in music since I can also give out my messages through the instruments.

When I am at HALEA I forget my problems, HALEA has helped me to gain confidence when am expressing my self/.I can now freely express my self before myself, it helped me to get companions, it has helped to  work hard and also gave me courage to put emphasis on my studies that I had given up due to less funds.

I would like to thank the HALEA Board Members for the organization for their efforts to help us.

Long live HALEA so that you can help my brothers and sisters.


Ever since I joined HALEA I got a lot of changes and challenges because they are series of life.

The organization gave me a feeling not to give up since it had created a path whereby I could see where I was heading. I really wanted to be somebody In  future but I did not know the path to take, but now am sure being a musician (Artist) I can make it to the top since I am all round as I can play instruments i.e. the guitar, piano and can do the singing.

HALEA is where you my sister and brother can promote your talent and I believe that I will do the best with them due to the advice, courage and the zeal they give me. What was my dream is now reality, your too can be.


HALEA has helped me meet persons of different kind of which I thought would be tough but weren’t.

HALEA has given me hope through counseling every week, it has uplifted my hope and I have learnt a lot for example, being patient  in life. Through HALEA entertainment team, I got skills of making money using  local materials, I have learnt how to save little money hence not being extravagant. I have learnt a lot in entertainment like playing music instruments  which HALEA provides like piano and others, which I wanted since  I was a young boy, provided instruments for training that are free of charge and has enabled me meet many people of different kinds like Mr. Gunnar.

I thank HALEA for what it has done for me.


Since I joined HALEA, I have benefited a lot.

I have learnt how to compose and write quality songs which to me are an opportunity that can help me earn a living in future.

Also HALEA gave an opportunity to train with them in different areas of Kampala and therefore as per now I am a good advisor and I do not fear to talk to all categories of people. I can freely think and discuss with people


I am a musician and also a movie actor with HALEA as well as a movie actor.

I have been able to learn music production as I can play many instruments and this is to help me in future to make my own money and also contribute to the running of HALEA.

I am a youth leader in my village and therefore many of the problems I get, I normally run to  HALEA Organization for help.


My name is Nagawa Jacquiline,I am 16years old.

I study from kampala students centre.I attracted to HALEA organization after constantly seeing them come to our school,doing various activities like counseling ,conducting debates,helping the needy and other activities that I saw from another angle that this good organization did.

My dream interest was in music, dance and drama, and when HALEA brought talent search competition I was lucky to go through, I joined HALEA                .

However, I  don’t regret joining HALEA due to the benefits I have gained below.

I can now associate with others both at school and at home, the humanist principles that HALEA taught like human rights helped me to know my rights. I can freely express my self.

HALEA helped me to gain reading , speaking skills.

Madam Susan of HALEA helped me to get and know entrepreneurship skills, since there are few jobs in our country after school, am sure I can be self employed after finishing school, because I saw that I have the potential to work on my own, without looking for a job.

I joined HALEA with the behavior of being untidy but now am smart and tidy, am now a sanitary prefect at school.

My expectations

I expect HALEA to continue with the spirit of helping us to achieve our dreams for example I want HALEA to help me become a good musician, a good counselor to my community, to give me support to finish my studies.


Nambwere Resty, Bright Hill Way School, Bukesa.

First time with the webcam

It was an interesting day when I first went to the webcam. It is so amazing but very true to see a grown up person like me at the age of 16 that was hearing about a computer but all I knew about it was the theory part of it not knowing any practical part that concerns a computer. Unlike other teens in Uganda, I was so blessed that HALEA gave many of us an opportunity to learn computer from a practical point of view. And then HALEA brought in Mr. Bob Churchill who introduced to use how to use internet and webcam. You may not believe it, I found out that everything was putting me on cloud nine because reaching that step was a big deal since some young people in Uganda don’t know anything about computers and those who know, they know very little. .So surprising sometimes you can reach an extent of going to an internet café and to find no webcam there, and if it is there, many people do not know how to use it including guys degrees.

Since lucky people are always lucky and I stay as one of the lucky ones. My first time to be introduced to computer applications was the same day Bob and HALEA members made me to know much about the webcam since I was able to communicate to the parents of Bob in Europe and saw his lovely dog that was very happy to be there with the lovely parents of Bob. I was very happy since there are those who have never gone to the webcam. Uganda is still a developing country but Iam hopeful that my children will be able to know about the webcam at a tender age. And in future we will be able to be at the same level with those in Europe. Thanks to HALEA Youth Support Centre for exposing teens to the exciting computer world, thanks to Mr. Bob Churchill for teaching us how to use internet and the webcam and thanks to all HALEA computer trainers: Solomy, Suzan and Hadijjah for introducing us to the computer world.

Kabahweza Margret 18,  Bright Way Hill School.

The computer training at HALEA was such an interesting and beneficial training.The training was so critical in that many things happened and were benefiting us all who were involved in the training.

Ever since when I joined computer training under the programme of HALEA. I was able to learn how to use a computer in the different aspects like booting a computer, typing, storing or saving data on different folders which I never knew before but because of HALEA am able to do them among many other things.

During the computer training ,I was able to access computers at any time that I went to HALEA offices for the training because the tutors were always there to help us since the trainers were well trained and could give us all the skills we required.

The training was such interesting since it was not payable for which was of a great chance to me and my collegues whom I used to train with.

The training was of a great chance to me for having introduced to me new people like Bob from United States who helped us to work towards”doors to diplomacy” competition, Ms Hadijjah, Ms Solomy and Ms Susan who helped us use the computers and helped us open up email addresses which will help us in future.

Am Mwebaze Robert,I’ve experienced  many changes during the  course  of the computer  study  especially  in communication.

When I joined HALEA computer study around November.2011, I was computer illiterate. But during the course of study, I was introduced to various means of communication using the computer like internet and face book.

In addition to the above, was also introduced to the web cam. And I was taught how a person communicates with another one using it.

I also created friendship with some students of different tribes but we could communicate using English and this simplified our communication.

HALEA has done a lot in improvement of the communication skills among the teenagers and peer leaders using various forms of teaching like introducing computer study which was free of charge and organizing work shops for teenagers and peer leaders.


namyalo Viola

My name is Namyalo Viola a student in Senior 4 at Grace Fellowship High school aged 16 years old. I joined HALEA Youth Supports center’s computer training program in November 2011 and have been part of it until March 2012. I joined as an illiterate person in computer skills and internet use but by the time I completed, I had not only learnt basic computer skills but also acquired internet using skills. I also have a personal e-mail and know how to use a website or blog. Many thanks to my committed computer instructors more especially Mr. Bob Churchill , Ms Sanyu Solomy ,Ms Nambejja Suzan and Ms Wampi Hadijja.I also thank the chairperson of HALEA,Mr.KATO MUKASA for giving many of us the rare opportunity to learn computer skills. I can now effectively communicate to the world.

I Namukose Faridah 15 from Grace Fellowship High school.

Personally, I got a chance of free computer training at HALEA learnt many things such as Microsoft office, turning the computer on/off,Using the internet,how websites are created and how to do research.

At first, I could not know what a web camera was but now I know it because Mr.Bob Churchill showed it to us during the computer training at HALEA.

While at HALEA,I got many friends from ,some of whom helped me learn computer for example, teachers,my fellow students. Now am very happy because am working in a computerized world where the people face a competition in getting jobs and indeed am also inclusive due to HALEA’s opportunity at giving of giving me free computer training.

May God Bless HALEA and Mr Bob Churchill and some members for the work they have done to the young teens

Mwebesa Robert aged 20years, formerly general prefect of Kampala Students Center. I have been part of HALEA Youth support Center since 2008. I Joined HALEA’S Computer Training Program in November 2011 and I have been part of it until march 2012. I have learnt use Microsoft office packages,web technology as well as using the internet. I have  an email address which am using it to communicate to fellow peers and friends. I have realized that Computer knowledge is a great step to personal success . Thanks to HALEA , due to the Computer knowledge given to me.


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