steps to host a student

Steps to host a Student

It starts with submitting an application to HALEA clearly indicating that

a)      The student is above 18 years old

b)      He/she is ready and willing to come to Uganda and stay for at least one month

c)       He/she is ready to stay with a family or an institute and continue to learn and share knowledge.

d)      He/she is ready to work closely with a humanist organization and experience a free and secular environment.

e)      In your application, write about your household community, lifestyle and what s important to your family. Let us know your household members’ ages and you will be required to provide a criminal background check.

f)       Inform us the kind of family you want to be hosted. Specify the number of children you expect to meet in that family and any other details.

g)      Be ready to try eating local foods but specify your best meal putting into consideration that it is Uganda you will be visiting. Remember, there are lots  fresh foods, fruits and vegetables for your good health.

h)      Be ready to volunteer with HALEA.


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