Hosting FAQ’s

HALEA offers opportunity to foreign students to come here and share the Uganda experience by staying in specific families while learning and sharing experiences.

Local Volunteer’s Role

HALEA assigns a local volunteer as a liaison officer and the officer communicates with your family, the student, the hosting family and us at least twice a month and where applicable on a weekly basis.

Roles of our Staff

HALEA staffs are responsible for facilitating communication with patterning schools, organizations and families about any concerns or questions that require the input of the natural family while a hosted student is on program. With our teen, you feel at home.

Duty Officer System

In case of any emergency, your child will have access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our duty officer system. The duty officer has a task of working closely with the hosted student on a daily basis and in all important assignments of the day, the duty officer must be at hand to provide the needed support.

Strong Oriented System

Orientation week is dedicated to your student as a first step towards the exposure to the new experience. A student is exposed to the different cultures, beliefs, attitudes and practices. This helps to provide a kind of cultural adjustment cycle and it provides guidance and support to the student and it is equally learning time for the hosts who in most cases will have to learn from the visiting student.

Your contribution

Your contribution is welcome to enable us extend the best services while you are here. HALEA being a not for profit organization, we suggest that volunteers fundraise before coming in order to make a contribution for at least $1,000 towards HALEA’s Project Development Fund. This fund was established to help with on- going administration expenses but to also contribute to various projects during your stay. This is but a suggestion at the bare minimum, if you are able and willing to contribute more, let us know. Your Project Development Fund is used to cover administration expenses such as airtime, accommodation, visiting exciting tourism sites within Kampala and neighboring districts and daily lunch. It also supports other new projects at HALEA that may need a small contribution from you during your stay here. Other Volunteering fees are as follows: First Month Fee: $400, Second Month Fee: $ 400, Third Month Subsequent Months Fee: $ 300, One way Airport Pick Up fee: $ 100.All fees are in US Dollars. We hope to see you soon


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