Hosting Foreign students

This is the best program for students who desire to learn, share and get exposed to new experiences in totally new settings. It is an opportunity to support important and unique HALEA programs that create real and lasting change in the lives of many youths, young mothers and children HALEA is working with. This is one program that is geared towards making the world a more just and peaceful place. You do need to be a student in a specific school/institution to be part of this program. Its going to take a movement to empower more young people so whether you are a youth, a parent, a teacher, an activists, a trainer or mentor….. your role in the young person’s life is needed and indeed appreciated.

You should be willing to learn, unlearn, share experiences and take care of others through voluntarism as other take care of you in return.

HALEA honours the unique references and philanthropic goals of each of our partners. You are one of such wonderful partners and we are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you. We welcome both general mission support and designated grant funding for this and other programs we manage. This one program is an intercultural exchange program that enables you to come, mingle, motivate, learn, unlearn, and share with many deserving younger people from marginalized and ‘undeserved communities’ especially the slums of Kampala City. This unique program is also suitable to students doing further research in their studies. The program helps to create tomorrow’s leaders. Do not be shy, come and join now.


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