Monthly giving

Monthly Giving
Monthly Giving is among the best the best donation programs that make
huge differences in teen’s lives. It is the best way of making a
recurring gift and provides the reliable support that is so vital to
our teens, young mothers, volunteers and communities. Monthly Giving
indeed provides a steady and cost effective source of income to HALEA
and because it is processed automatically, you enable us reduce our
costs – which allows HALEA to fund more programs and support more
teens in slum areas.
How Monthly Giving Works
As a monthly donor, you will be registering to make a credit card
donation every month. After you make your initial donations will be
automatically charged to your credit card.

For example if you choose to make a monthly donation of $100 today, your next donation of $100 will be automatically charged to your account the following month and
each subsequent month there after.

A record of each payment in your monthly bank or credit card statement will serve as your receipt and HALEA will provide you with an annual statement of your gifts.

To discontinue your monthly contribution simply call (+256) 772-576635 or
email us at .

CLICK HERE to pledge your monthly support.


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