What should change about the way we communicate?

How should people related to each other in society?

By Mwebesa Robert

People should change in the communication system they are using nowadays since they are destructing the culture of Uganda. In the past communication moved in line with respect but as per now as regards communication every thing has been changed.

In the past people used to communicate in an organized way where by the young people could not communicate the same way as elder people and elder people could not communicate as elder people which is not the same way as it is today.

Today young people can make there own arrangements with out the awareness of the elder people which is not the same as it was in the past’s communication system. In the past young people could not make programs for themselves where by if they were to communicate it was the elders to program for them and the elders had to be in their meetings to see whether they have discussed on some thing developmental in order to give them advise.

Today this communication should be changed because as the young people are being give much freedom as it concerns communication you find out that they are communicating non developmental issues that won’t help them in the coming future.

The elder people should change in the way they communicate to their children because you find a parent of today who fears to communicate sex education to his or her child which is so critual as it regards the well being of the child in the future.

The people of today should change the communication of un developmental words to their children since you find some parents who tell their children that alcoholism is good which isn’t    developing the child but just directing the child to a world of trouble.

They should change in the communication of pornographic information to the public mostly which should not be seen by young generation. This demoralize the cultures of Africans which is not good even though to some countries they do not see any danger in it but it should not be communicated any how.

For the above information communication should be changed for the better living of the young growing generation.

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