Restriction on the freedom of speech in Uganda

Free speech is important to any democracy, but how is limited in Uganda?

By Mwebaze Robert

Despite Uganda being democratically ruled, it has restrictions on the freedom of speech. And this has been evidenced on the communication masses being restricted from passing out true facts to the public.

However, they take an advantage of saying that Uganda is democratically ruled yet there is some sort of dictatorship in it.

In away that some of the masses have been restricted from passing out the negative parts of the government e.g. there is a radio station in Kampala called Central Broadcasting Services (C.B.S FM) which was once   closed for its program me (Bimezza) meaning the tables where the opposition leaders like Hon. Betty Nambooze and other oppositions used to discus the negative parts of the government to the public.

Some opposition leaders have been restricted from communicating to the public through communication masses and rallies.

In addition to the above, when the opposition leaders organize their rallies, they are forced not to meet their supporters or even some times tear gassed at their rallies and demonstrations by the police where some are affected by the teargas like the opposition Dr.Kiiza Besigye who was tear gassed tear gassed during the Walk-to-Work demonstration yet it was his right in a democratic nation.

Besides that, there are other news papers that pass wrong information concerning the government to the public i.e. they  favor only the government.

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