Political restrictions in Uganda

How is debate and politics controlled by sometimes undemocratic means?

By Kabahweza Margret

In Uganda politics is such an interesting story because of the many things that are in the political set up of Uganda.

In Uganda every citizen has a right to elect a leader of his her choice so longer as he or she is of the age 18 years and above and he or she is registered in the in the register of voters. The government of Uganda is such a democratic one in which one has the freedom to every thing he or she wants for example the freedom to talk or express his or her feeling towards what is happening in his or her country.

But with time as the governments of Uganda are changing day and night it is soon to change to a military government because nowadays the freedom is soon to be left in the hands of the top leaders only mostly the president, people no longer get enough chances of saying out what they want concerning the nature and the well being of their country.

At first the government was so democratic but as per now it is not the way it began. Corruption has become corruption like as if the leaders are sent in the parliament to look for their own wealth not remembering as who send them there. The political leaders do not mind about us who elected them in order to help each other in one way or the other, instead of doing the work we sent them for ,they have decided to put the cart in front of the horse by resorting to corruption and embezzlement of the funds that could be helping us as the people or citizens of the country.

Any one who comes out to talk about the bad things the leaders are doing they are imprisoned for no good reason and others end up kicking the bucket from prison in the unknown ways.

Some other people at least decide to make peaceful demonstrations like walk to work but the response to them is tear gas, heavy beating, and other things that can torture a human being seriously.  The government try by all means that they hide all the wrong things they do and at least put the blame on the opposition side which most of the time also try to correct them.

The opposition is not given no respect at all by the head government because most of the times they do not cooperate at all since they have contradicting versions that make them move on different lines.



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