My experience on the way different people communicate in our society

How do children relate to parent, teachers and each other in Uganda?

By Kabahweza Margret

In our communities in Uganda we communicate differently depending to the person you are talking to. The way I communicate to my parents is not the same way I do communicate to my teachers and not the same way I communicate to my friends.  

In Uganda and some other countries in Africa we do respect our parents so much in that you can not talk to a parent while standing. When you talk to your parents while standing it means that you show no respect to the parents you are having, when you are greeting a parent you have to kneel down to show him or her that you real know that you are below him or her even if you as old as the age of your grand.

If you happen to get some conflicts with your parent it’s you the child to go to your parent first to show him or her that you real respect him or her even if the parent is the one in the wrong even early in the morning you have to wake up and greet him or her mind the less of who annoyed the other.

If you conflict with other relatives still the thing remains the same unless if the matter worsens that’s when a family meeting can be held to solve the problem but still the biggest blame is put on you the child not your relative who is older than you which I think is not the same in the European countries.

When you are communicating to teachers in Uganda we see that they also deserve a high degree of respect because they seen as the next parents when we are at school. A little difference is that for the teachers you can talk even though while standing but not pocketing because that will not show respect to the teachers. When you are communicating to these teachers one is not so worried that he or can be easily be beaten for any wrong that he or she does but when it comes to the parent one knows for any wrong thing done he or she can easily be punished since the parent has all the rights over the child which is not to the teacher.

What surprise me is that, when communicating to a friend mostly the one in the same age bracket one can talk freely with out any fear to an extent of hugging one another which is not the case to parents and teachers. To friend you can communicate while playing simple games which doesn’t happen while communicating to parents and teachers.

According to the culture in Africa hugging is not for every one and kissing is so private which should not be not be done in public as it is done by the Europeans during communication no matter whether communicating to parents, teachers or friends.

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